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History of High Ground Reenactors, Inc.

Listen! Did you hear? Was that really the roar of cannon, the thunderous crack of musket fire, the clamor of exclamations conveyed in the whirlwinds of gentle zephyrs on a summer day? A dryness in the throat manifests itself as the spectacle of opposing troops march into a panorama of virulent pageantry. How curious a sensation! A searing dryness yet an unutterable clamminess that foretells and sets the scene for the carnage yet to come. A sparseness of fleeting moments and reality tears you  away with such expediency that the present takes on a surrealness. A parallel world that, for its brief exhibition, seemed as real as  the havoc it created on the faculties of the senses and mind.

Thanks for your interest in membership and welcome to the world of Civil War reenactment. High Ground Reenactors, Inc. is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and is recognized as a not-for-profit corporation filed with the State of Indiana. As such, it enjoys all the entitlements and privileges that go with corporation status.

High Ground was founded on the premise that all Civil War reenactors, regardless of their affiliation, could unify under one organiztion. This is accomplished by creation of unique authorized impressions of Union, Confederate, and civilians.

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